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The material we use - composite based on natural filler and resin - greatly exceeds the characteristics of the stone and conventional laminate or porcelain products. It is produced in three basic lines of Marble, Granite and Onyx.

  • The surface is smooth, almost mirror-like, thanks to a layer of antibacterial gel and thorough manual polishing. It's also possible to produce matte finish.
  • Firm to the touch and hard as a stone, but unlike the stone is easily fixable
  • It does not feel cold, and in this regard it's much closer to laminate
  • Thanks to the structure and fair thickness it has very good thermal capacity, and the bath in the tub is so much nier and cools down slower
  • The material is moldable and easy to modify - your bathroom does not have to adapt; bathtub, basin and shower adapts to your bathroom
  • It is also very durable and resistant, for which we give above industry standard 5-year warranty
  • Díky postupu výroby je možné vyrobit prakticky jakoukoliv barevnou kombinaci - již nyní máme stovky vzorků barev a i pro Vás vyrobíme vlastní barevnou řadu
  • Thanks to the manufacturing process it is possible to produce almost any color variation - we already have hundreds of color samples in our showroom
  • Vany a sprchové kouty není nutné podezdívat, jsou samonosné
  • Bathtubs and showers are self-supporting
  • Onyx material can be backlit, giving the bathroom completely different dimension

Want to learn more? See the gallery of our realizations, detailed information on individual materials, or contact us and we will help you out.