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Thanks to the material used, our baths are pleasant to the touch, do not feel cold, and the water in them lasts warm longer.

Bathtubs are manufactured in several basic shapes, external surface areas are fitted to your specific needs and space given. As of the material, we recommend Marble and Onyx, which can be backlit by LED strips so the bathroom evokes a romantic atmosphere.

For spa and wellness centers we recommend an excellent combination of bathtubs that allow simultaneous but separate relaxing baths for couples, with different temperature requirements for water or used aromatherapy oils.

For health facilities and spa, we have developed a unique way of filling and draining of water, which significantly speeds up cleaning of bathtubs and customer service. Our baths are able to serve on a daily basis for decades without much maintenance. Longtime satisfied customers include, for example, medical spa Bohdaneč and many hotel complexes in Carlsbad.

At your request can be equipped with any tub hydromassage or bubble bath system, for which we mainly use proven kits by American producer Gruber.

Vany jsou samonosné, naprosto pevné a to i při naplnění vodou a zatížení více osobami. Místo obezdění a obkladu dodáváme na přání kryty a čela ze stejného materiálu.

Tubs are freestanding, completely solid even when filled with water and loaded with more people. Panneling and lining is usually supplied in the same material as the bathtub itself.

Corner bathtubs

Corner bathtubs are the most popular products from our range. Forms a quarter circle with a radius of 153 cm, with a seat and storing surfaces. Adding a hydromassage to the tub gives you even more comfort in the spacious bath.

Standard big tub

Bathtub in rectangular shape with dimensions of 92x186 cm is suitable for taller and larger people. It allows to comfortably lean back, including hands on the arm rests. All the surface areas can be modified to exactly fit your bathroom.

Standard small tub

A smaller variant of size 82x156 cm also offers ample interior space for most users, while its compact size allows for installation in residential cores and smaller bathrooms.

Relax bathtub

Luxuriously large rectangular bath offers, with its dimensions of 107 x 183 cm and ergonomic shaping, real comfort. Spacious, suitable to the spa and wellness centers, but also for larger bathrooms of more demanding clients. This bath is recommended to be fitted with hydromassage.

Special bathtubs

V případě zájmu zákazníka jsme schopni zhotovit i i méně standardní produkty, například vanu volně stojící v prostoru. Máte-li speciální požadavek, neváhejte nás kontaktovat.

In case of interest we are able to make even less standard products, such as free-standing bathtub in the room. If you have a special request, please contact us.

Baby bathtubs

We are the only Czech manufacturer of composite tubs for maternity hospitals and related health care facilities. These tubs can be an integrated part of the changing tables. External dimensions are 53x96 cm.

Basic version is offered in two modules with a depth of 32 and 20 cm. Another option is a bath, changing table and a sink, all stored in one seamless plate. This unrivaled solution meets the high requirements of both medical and hygienic. Simple, fast maintenance and antibacterial surface is in case of an "accident" of our youngest undisputed plus appreciated by every child's nurse.

Colour design may make difference in otherwise sterile rooms and a make a stay in the maternity ward much more pleasant.