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There are no limits as of the shape of the shower trays in our production and we can meet even very nonstandard requests.

The plate tray can be manufactured in one piece up to a length of 240 cm (it is possible to invisibly connect more pieces together) and thus the limit might rather be passages within the building.

Due to the great strength and thickness of the material you don't need to have a concern that the tray will feel suft under your feet - the feeling so common from the ordinary acrylic trays.

In rehabilitation and social areas it is possible to drive in these showers directly with wheelchairs. Boards and screens are mounted as a barrier-free.

If you your bathroom space doesn't allow you to have a bathtub and you still do not want to lose comfort, it is possible to add a shower seat and enjoy a little more luxury.

Of course, all shower trays have a nonslip bottom, made of fine serrations.

Rounded shower trays

Tray is a quarter-circle sector with a diameter of 90 cm. Thanks to the rounded shape it fits well into smaller spaces, where the shape makes it easier to pass around.

Square shower trays

Normally we offer trays of size 80 x 80 cm.

Plate shower stalls

The specialty of our production are plate showers. Length of the side of the monolith can be up to 240 cm in any shape - square, rectangle, irregular polygon - according to your wishes and the space available in your bathroom.

Prior to production, we provide precise digital measuring, so our shower trays completely fill the space of the stall. Unique raised edge of the plate and the absence of horizontal joints prevent water leakage and the formation of undesirable impurities.

Entry side can be level with the floor of the bathroom and it is always finished with the waste.
At your request we can complement larger shower stalls with seats of the same material. Equally shower can also serve as a steam cabin.