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Custom build bathrooms

Not only each of our bathtub, sink and shower is unique, but the bathroom as a whole emphasize your individuality. All parts are custom selected and manufactured to suit your needs. You are the one, who chooses colors, materials and even shape!

Do not settle for the nearest bathroom studio, plain white equipment or predefined samples and colors. The bathroom will be there with you for many years so arrange it according to your taste and needs. Don't do compromise on your demands.

Bathroom as a space

It's the first room, that welcomes us into a new day, and also the last we visit before a well-deserved rest after a busy day. Therefore it deserves special attention and care, when selecting its equipment, with a long term view in mind. There is a different bathroom for families with young children, single people, seniors, businesses and the list could go on.

Bathroom in a new building, a bathroom in a tenement building, small or large, with windows, with access to the terrace, with separate toilet, romantic or coldly technical. There are many aspects and not everyone wants or can afford a bathroom with sauna and swimming pool. Our aim is for those of you who, have limited space or finances to enjoy maximum comfort and pleasant stay in one of the busiest rooms in the house.

Our experience is appreciated not only by the owners of entirely new bathrooms, but the most grateful customers include those who have already built their bathroom and after a few years, unfortunately sometimes even months, are already finding that their choice was not the happiest, materials quality the highest and work done the finest. Even in these cases we meet your problems and almost always find a satisfactory solution.

We offer all of this, including quality installation, where we give you our assurance of quality and beautiful design including silicone joints or ceilings.

To save you the hassle outlined above, allow us to offer our services, which focus on quality and precision of our hand-made products. Satisfied clients who use our products are the living proof for more than 25 years!