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Another specialty of our company are wash basins with an even wider range of products. It is not only possible to choose the materials and colors, but also the possibility of joining one or more sink pieces into one surface as well as overwhelming shape variations.

Sinks inset into the board or placed on it are the common standard, but in our range we meet even the most imaginative architects and designers. An example of our cooperation with young architects, for example, is double sink with futuristic shape, specially made for the newly opened exhibition "The bay of the rays" in Zlín-Lešná ZOO.

Basins for standard use in homes or public facilities always perfectly fit in the given space, whether it is a niche, on top of bathroom cabines, in non-rectangular corners and so on. This eliminates complicated and especially unsightly and impractical "filling" of the spaces with lots of silicone or using bars to cover. In the area immediately following the basins, such as the framing of mirrors and any stand-shelf, it is impressive to use exactly the same, or vice versa negative material as additional lining. Stripes made of marble or onyx are very attractive addition to the classic tiling.

Basins are typically equipped with rear and front face, whose height is proportional to the size of the sink and the format of the tile. If you do not want a bathroom cabinet under the bowl, we offer tiered front facing which easily covers water-seal and even may visually lighten the mass of the washbasin.